Bit of a crappy journey to work today, as the M1 southbound was a bit snarled for a few miles – northbound was completely screwed through for what appeared to be the recovery of something – lots of orange lights and trucks with cranes.
Today my efforts will be targeted towards completing the work started last week to incorporate Google’s mod_pagespeed into our Nginx web server configuration. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to do this, and it requires a bit of source-code compilation and some fiddling around. I may blog about this once it is complete if I get time.

So, the day is almost over. The mod_pagespeed deployment via Ansible is all but complete, just some final testing on my end and then it’s over to the rest of the team for review. Another 80 minute journey home followed by almost a dozen bags filled with soil ┬áthat needed to be emptied into a neighbours skip.
Still, that’s all over now, so it’s time to get ready for tomorrow, and to try and get another hour or so done on the side-project.

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