Early to bed last night, as it’s another early start today, and it will be a long day due to an overnight website deployment scheduled for tonight. It was very foggy on the way to work this morning, and I can’t believe how many idiots are on the road driving in those conditions without their lights on – all you can see is a dark shadow appearing out of the gloom as you approach them. Send them back to driving school!
Today is just going to be prep for the deployment, and hopefully completing the automated install of PageSpeed to our NginX platform using the ngx_pagespeed.so compiled module Рwhich we have to compile on a template machine to ensure binary compatibility.

A long and frustrating day later, and progress has been made on the PageSpeed work, but I had to drop it to complete the prep for the evening deployment. It’s 10pm and I’m back in the office for the final push before the midnight release.
On a plus note, the wifi is good enough to get some Netflix streaming goodness, and iOS11 has been released so it’s update time. And, I’ve had word from my contractor that more progress has been made on the side-project, so I’ll be reviewing that when I get time.

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