So the few beers turned into a long night of many beers. No surprises there then!
A reasonable day at work today, got the work completed on the PageSpeed plug-in module for NginX, so I will be writing about that on my company blog and link to it from here if you’re interested.
A surprise was waiting for me when I got home, our new fully integrated dishwasher had been delivered, so it was out with the old broken one, and in with the new – took a few hours, but then I don’t fit that many dishwashers! Still, it looks great, and the Mrs reckons it actually fits better than the previous one ? Very quiet operation too.
We also have a house guest for a few days – a lovey young golden Labrador. Our other two labs weren’t sure what to make of her but all three seem to have settled down for the night.
No energy to work on any side projects tonight, but an hour in front of the next episode of Game of Thrones is just what the doctor ordered to relax me a bit before bed.

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