2017-09-25 – Frustrations and Woodworking

Frustrations and Woodworking

Frustrated that I missed posting over the weekend, but other than a family visit and a bunch of gardening, nothing much happened.
The family visit was nice, it was good to see my sisters and nieces again – we live a fair distance away, so don’t get to spend much time together.
Sunday was spent almost finishing off the work on our front garden, moving a number of small trees from one area to another, and shifting the best part of a ton of gravel to finish it all off.
We found an issue with our implementation of PageSpeed today, which was really frustrating – the website works fine when used manually, but the automated tests fail. So until we get more time to test it, PageSpeed has had to be disabled for now.
And this evening was back to working on the house. We’ve had a new window opener made to replace the old rotten one, so I needed to chisel out the recesses for the hinges – something I’ve not done for years, but I was pleased with the finished result 🙂

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