2017-09-27 – Hotels, PageSpeed and AWS RDS

So I woke later than usual this morning after spending far too long staring at the laptop last night. Jumping in the shower was an experience – there was no way to adjust the temperature, so it was either hot or hot.
Nothing to report on the work front, same old, same old. Just getting on with stuff and making progress on the PageSpeed investigations. Seems like a number of our automated tests rely on specific URL paths in certain tags that are being re-written by PageSpeed. We’re slowly disabling the optimisations until we find a working solution. It certainly looks like most of the tests can be rewritten to work with the PageSpeed rewrites, but we don’t have the resources or the time to work through that at the moment.
Significant progress was made on the side project last night, and I got so carried away I neglected to write up my days thoughts. I now have a fully automated infrastructure build in AWS using Terraform and Ansible, including making my own AMIs for auto-scaling groups and an RDS Aurora Cluster for the backend. The only thing left is to get Ansible to play nice with Aurora and create the additional schemas and user accounts that my application requires.
Tonight, I am being messed around with the hotel Wifi, which seems to have a kink in the pipe. Mainly caused by Gamma Telecom according to this traceroute output;

~$ traceroute {target host}
traceroute to {target host} ({target ip}), 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 5.687 ms 7.072 ms 4.213 ms
2 ( 47.813 ms 28.547 ms 23.928 ms
3 ( 46.187 ms 45.805 ms 46.369 ms
4 * * *
5 lonap-gw1.gammatelecom.com ( 2516.409 ms 4634.714 ms *
6 * * *
7 * ( 143.750 ms

And so it goes on… I’ve wasted so much time over the last few weeks with dodgy connectivity. So I’ve turned on my VPN tunnel provided by ProXPN, and hey presto, the problems virtually go away – I wish I’d thought of this before!

So Aurora now plays nicely with my Ansible code after some debugging on the bastion host. Now to get all the required updates into the main codebase and rebuild everything to test full functionality.
A good end to the day.

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